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About Us

Rustic Volunteers, a 501 C 3, is one of the leading international volunteer organizations which has been helping to connect volunteers to desperately needed projects worldwide. Our programs last from 1 week to 12 weeks and are available in 20 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Rustic Volunteers has been offering meaningful volunteer abroad experience to thousands of volunteers. A volunteer trip with Rustic volunteer will change you forever. In our volunteer abroad program, you will discover your purpose while making a dramatic impact on the lives of incredible people who desperately need you!

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The mission of Rustic Volunteers is to operate humanitarian volunteer programs around the world in partnership with local orphanages, schools, NGOs, and Poor communities in hopes of bringing people together to work side by side while improving the lives of destitute children and communities that are less fortunate.


Rustic Volunteers offers volunteer abroad services that will provide you with a memorable experience by volunteering abroad at an affordable price. Many of our volunteer programs starts as low as $75 (plus small registration fee). When comparing Volunteer Abroad programs on the internet , Rustic Volunteers offers competitive and affordable fees.

Pay Directly to Host and project

The financial honesty and transparency the Rustic Volunteers maintains, is what makes our approach to volunteer abroad programs unique. We ensure that the fees that volunteers pay goes directly to people who need it. There are many programs that charge as much as $3000 for a volunteer experience of 2 weeks, and unfortunately, a very small fraction of the fee goes towards the welfare of the host family or project. Therefore, to avoid situations like these, Rustic Volunteers has adopted a financial model, where volunteers can pay their fees directly to the host family/project through the country coordinator.

6 Years of Experience

Rustic Volunteers has an experience of 6 years, sending over 7000 volunteers to 18 countries to embark on life changing journeys. There are hundreds of online reviews as well. We are one of the leading volunteer abroad organizations and joining us will make you a part of the reputation we have maintained in these years, globally.


Rustic Volunteers is genuinely dedicated to the communities and conservation activities it places its volunteers in. In many countries, we work directly with local organizations. There is no middle man, so, not only does that cut our prices down for you, but your fee also goes directly to the program you will be helping. When you volunteer with a good portion of us your money goes straight to the local country to support your transportation, room, food, local support, and project.


The founder and the country coordinators of Rustic volunteers have many combined years of successful experience in the volunteer/ travel industry. The founder has traveled the world extensively and screened projects, host families, and coordinators very carefully. We have had 99% satisfaction results from previous volunteers and our in country coordinators are constantly commended for doing such a wonderful job.

The in-country coordinators we use for Rustic Volunteers are all mature and responsible adults, well-seasoned in the travel industry, providing a hospitable environment and an amazing experience. We have carefully screened and hand chosen all of our coordinators based on their skills as a leader and how well they can work with young people in maximizing their program benefits.


Rustic offers programs that will be specifically tailored and adjusted for your well being. Volunteers can generally choose to work anywhere from 1-12 weeks but can stay longer on certain projects if desired. Our coordinators pick out the best local organizations for each individual, as well as your living arrangements and any special requests prior to your arrival. We can customize your project to suit your needs if you will be visiting more than one country as well.


Rustic is much more than just a trip to a foreign country for some volunteer work. We don't randomly place you in the country of your choice; we carefully review your goals and set you up with the best possible match. There are several different options available for you which include: volunteering, interning, teaching, and more. It is a life changing experience that will bring meaning to your world. With different travel packages and opportunity, we offer an amazing opportunity for volunteer work and incredible traveling.

About Rustic Volunteers


When you volunteer with Rustic, you will have a team of experienced staffs who will be your volunteer abroad advisors. Your first advisor will help you select a program and assist you with the application process. Your second advisor will be our in-country coordinator. He/she will provide insight into your destination, volunteer project, host family, local issues and more. When you join the field, the local project staffs will help you with the day to day volunteering activities. Rustic works hard in each and every step to enrich your volunteer abroad experience.


Rustic offers you a comprehensive pre-departure booklet about your upcoming program. This booklet covers information on travel preparation, volunteer rules, expectations, coping with field situations, and much more information that you need to make your volunteer experience more meaningful.


Your well-being is paramount to Rustic . The staff at our headquarters is in constant contact with our onsite staff to ensure you are safe and well at all times. We are fully committed to your health and safety abroad and work quickly to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise.


We will help you make a smooth transition from home to your life abroad. Upon arrival in your host country, you will receive an extensive orientation. The orientation covers the history, geography, safety, cultural issues, volunteers' rules, banking, telephone and more. The basic aim is to get you familiar with your new environment and manage your new independence with confidence.


Rustic has partnered with a reputed Insurance, a leader in travel insurance, to provide you quality medical insurance while you are abroad. Currently, we offer 3 different types of insurance coverage. Coverage includes most medical expenses, emergency evacuation and a full range of medical assistance available 24-hours a day. Travel insurance card offers you 5 amazing services.

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Turtle Conservations Costa Rica

Help save endangered sea turtles

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Teaching English Nepal

Teach conversational English to children

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Medical/Health Peru

Get involved as a medical volunteer

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Orphanage Project Kenya

Mentor the orphans of Kenya

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Elephant Conservation Sri Lanka

Volunteer with your own Elephant

Rustic Volunteers Trip

Buddhist Teaching Nepal

Help young Monks learn English


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